Gorgeous Inks That Skip The Pain

Not everyone can handle the pain that is a necessary part of getting a tattoo. Over time as technology improved, the needles have gotten finer and sharper, alleviating the pain that came with handheld needles that were larger. Today, machines and right needle guns help the artist create intricate designs without causing too much ouch but there are people who still cannot handle too much of it, so here are some non-painful alternatives that look just as intricate and beautiful.

Home Made and Hand Drawn

The easiest way to get a temporary design is to get someone to draw it on for you. There are plenty of artists good with patterns and designs who will happily draw on your bare skin with a black gel pen. The gel pen has a smoother finish than the plain old carbon pen and looks glossy after it is dried. You might need more than one pen if you plan on doing a more elaborate design but it is washable with soap and water and has zero pain.

Stickers as Simulations

For the more authentic look, go for stickers like black lace face tattoo masks and other body art. These stickers come in all shapes, colours and prices. The more high-end ones look like real body ink, with the right amount of shade and fading. They are also more intricate, sometimes with jewel detailing. They can be removed using baby oil or rubbing alcohol and is a temporary solution but last a lot longer than gel pen designs. The stickers are popular among the younger generation who coordinate it with outfits they wear for parties and other events.

Find Henna

Henna, or mehendi as the process is known, was a distinctly Middle and South Asian practice until it migrated to the West in the late 20th century. Today, there are entire mehendi parlours that function just like salons or tattoo parlours, tattoo apron notwithstanding. The henna plant is harvested and processed into a thick paste which is then packed into a cone and sold to shops. The cruder ones are dark brown in colour and sometimes have dyes mixed in to give it a more brilliant colour. Natural henna is deep green or a reddish brown, and the eventual colour differs according to each different skin type. Mehendi designs can be just as elaborate as inked designs but fade away organically after a couple of weeks, and so it the perfect solution for those looking for something that lasts longer than a sticker (and is healthier) but doesn’t want anything permanent.