How To Put Together A Wedding With A Small Budget?

Regardless to what part of the world you hail from, or where you call home, there’s one thing that’s common to us all when it comes to weddings; and that’s how expensive they tend to be. Unlike the times of before, our parents don’t carry the responsibility of organizing our weddings. This means, not only do we have to handle all the confusing details of organizing the wedding, we should also be prepared for it financially.

But weddings can happen on a small budget. In fact, we believe that simple weddings that are done right can be better for the newly married couple; as they won’t be beginning their life together with the weight of that big day and occasion. Here’s how you can organize your big day, in a small budget have wedding cards. 

Be selective about your guests

This is the most effective way to ensure that your wedding can be managed in a small budget. Try to include all those who you believe your special occasion would be incomplete without; and leave out all the rest. Though it might feel strange to cross off that childhood friend (with whom you haven’t spoken to in almost a decade), trust us when we say it’s for the best. Also, in order to take things a step further, consider sending out your save the date cards in Australia with innovative online tools (via email), rather than by post. This cuts down the cost of cards, and work involving its distribution as well!

Make sure you have plenty of time

Time is vital when organizing a wedding on a small budget. This makes a difference in many aspects of your wedding, be it the cake, the dress or the venue. Having plenty of time to organize can also mean you have more time to think your choices through, and your guests have time to prepare as well. Make use of the time, by booking the venue in advance. Most hotels charge less for the “off season” of weddings, so try to host your wedding around that time. Also, there’s a good chance you’ll be paying less for the hotel, since you’ll be paying for it well in advance.

The white dress

Research has shown that most brides know what their wedding dress looks like, even before the engagement party invitations are sent. Are you one of them? You can reduce the dress cost (reasonably so) by not only getting you dress during the off season for wedding dresses (when the dresses will be relatively cheaper), but also by opting for a dress which isn’t white. Colored dresses (even if it’s a cream color or ivory) tend to be much more affordable than their white counterpart for some reason.

The food and the drinks

If your function is going to be small, you can consider making your own food; with the help of friends and relatives of course! If this is a little too much to handle, consider opting for a new, yet reliable caterer, or a family run restaurant. Trust us, sometimes, even the cost of both these combined can be less than the cost of wedding caterers!

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